Growth Groups


Imagine a close-knit group of people who care deeply for one another. A group where you can be yourself and find help to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Even a group that organizes outreach projects in the community.

This decentralized, even organic, approach is geared toward the model in Ephesians 4:1-16. Pastor-teachers and Elders become equippers of these small group leaders (and also service team leaders) and those leaders minister to people in their groups. The joy of ministry is effectively spread throughout the body as Christ is formed in us. And as Christ is formed in us, we are truly “Spirit-filled disciples who are witnesses to the love of Jesus” in this world that is not our home.

Growth groups at Crete Berean are geared toward life transformation. Our groups of about 6-8 people meet regularly in homes to talk about Scripture and apply it to life.

Many of our groups are based on that Sunday’s sermon, and the discussion revolves around applying those principles to life. Studies show a dramatic increase in retention and application when an audience hears a message, takes notes, and then discusses the message afterward. We are not in an age where we need more information as much as we need to reinforce what we know and put it into practice in our lives.

If you are interested in becoming involved in a Growth Group, you can email the church for more information.

Current Growth Group Studies:

Dr. David Jeremiah’s “Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven” – Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm