For Women

Calgon Take Me Away!

Today’s woman is being redefined for us time and time again.  The good ole days are gone and the days of endless options are here to stay.  Options are good unless we forget who gave us those options to begin with.  God gave us the ability to make choices but he designed us with a desire for love and companionship.  When we look first to God for his love and companionship we can live a life filled with purpose. Won’t you join us in discovering what God’s calling is for you!

Ladies Luncheon:  Thursday, May 3rd at noon at the Great Wall IV located at 1535 Blue Acres Drive, Crete, NE

Women’s Events:  Here are a couple pictures of the ladies who attended the Sisters event this past Friday.  I hope all of you were as filled with joy, encouragement & laughter as I was!